weber knight armor

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weber knight amor

Weber knight armor is a 2 component, high performance 100% solid epoxy based tile/stone joint filler which provides photo luminescence during dark. 

Packaging: 1 kg bucket

Part A (Premixed resin with filler):  920g

Part B (Light yellow hardener): 80g

 Accessories: 1 pair of gloves, 1 scrubber

Color: Green, Blue

Area of Application:

  • For joint filling in between tiles and stone where high aesthetic & decorative finish is desired
  • Grouting with weber knight armor in areas of: Residential, Swimming pools, Hospitals, Airports, pathways, Fire exits, Office lobbies, Commercial, Disco theque, for places which require grouting & illumination in dark
  • For wood works as grouting
  • Can be used as adhesive for fixing transparent glass tiles & blocks

For luminescence from 5-8 hours, requirement of light intensity & joint exposure:

  • Light intensity of 300 - 1000 lux for internal areas and joints exposed for more than 60 mins.
  • Light intensity of more than 1000 lux for external areas and joints exposed for more than 30 mins.
  • For under water exposed to direct sunlight, up to 3 meter depth, lux of 2000 for more than 30 mins.


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To know before applying

  • Mixing ratio: 

Part A : Part B = 11.5 : 1 by weight

Part A : Part B = 7 : 1 by volume

  • Mixed density: 1.60 gm/cc
  • Potlife: 45 mins @ 27 degree
  • Application temperature range: 10 - 35 degree
  • Open time for adhesive: 20 mins
  • Adjustability time for adhesive: 30 mins
  • Setting for light foot traffic: 24 hrs
  • Full cure: 7 days
  • Average consumption*: 0.2kg/m2 on a 3mm width grout

* In practice, the consumption could be different depend on application method, grout width & tile thickness

Features and benefits

  • ILLUMINATES in the dark
  • 2 components
  • Easy to clean & apply
  • High bonding strength
  • Crack resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Traffic resistant


  • Minimum joint width of 1mm.
  • Maximum joint width of 7mm in vertical and 14 mm in horizontal.
  • Not to be used in industrial aggressive chemical prone areas and the areas which are subjected to aggressive cleaning with pressure or steam cleaning.
  • At least 7 days after grouting for acid cleaning & submerged conditions.
  • The luminance performance would be affected if the joints are not exposed to daylight or house hold light.
  • The joints look white during day time irrespective of the colour of the tile.