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To know before applying

  • Density of dry mortar: 1.2
  • Compressive strength: 20 N/ mm2 (MPa)
  • Note: These test results are from laboratory test.  They might be slightly different from on-site results because of the differences in applications and conditions. 

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Features and benefits

  • No rift with a width of 5-20 mm
  • With Biocide, protect the line from the growth of fungus and stain
  • Suitable for dry and wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and areas requiring large widths of ron.
  • There are 4 colors to choose from
  • Approved for Low VOCs - safe for the health of consumers



  • Not suitable to use when the substrate movement is expected; exterior wall, parking area, wooden surface for instance (instead weber.color outside should be used).
  • Not suitable to use in swimming pool (instead weber.color HR or weber.color poxy should be used).
  • Not suitable if grout is required to be chemical-resistant and acid-resistant; industry, hospital, food-storage area, for instance (instead weber.color poxy should be used).  
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Southern California style housing project using imported high quality products; this is why Magnolias has specified the products for tiling according to the areas and applications

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