weberdry bit WA

New Product

Wet-applied, modified bitumen waterproofing membrane

Description: webedry bit WA is a pressure sensitive high polymer content – double sided bitumen waterproofing membrane. The membrane is applied according the wet applied method using webedry bit WAS. Inside of webedry bit WA membrane is a cross-laminated polyethylene film incorporated which results in extreme high tear strength of this. Both sides of weberdry bit WA are covered with film and can be easy to separate.

Packaging: A roll with a width of 1m and 20 m. Thickness is 1.5 mm

Color: Black

Area Application:

• Tunnels, underground part of the work.
• Basement slabs and external walls.
• Foundation, deep beam footing.
• Concrete roof (concealed roof).

Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

  • Thickness (BS EN 1849-1:2000) : ~1,5 mm
  • Tensile strength (ASTM D412 modified) : > 3.5 MPa
  • Elongation (ASTM D412 modified) : > 300 %
  • Tear resistance (ASTM D624 (type C)) : > 25 N/mm
  • Lap peel resistance (at +23°C) (ASTM D 1876) : >1000 N/mm
  • Resistance to hydrostatic head (ASTM D5385) : 60m
  • Flexibility at low temperature (at -25°C) (ASTM D1970) : Unaffected
  • Cycling over crack (100 cycles at -25°C) (ASTM C836) : Unaffected
  • Puncture resistance of membrane (ASTM D154) : > 180 N

Features and benefits

• Safe, easy & fast application
• Direct application on damp surface (combination with weberdry bit WAS)
• No special equipment requirement
• Double-side full surface bonding
• No water underflow the membrane
• Crack-bridging ability
• High tear resistance
• High puncture resistance
• Good thermos stability