webertai vis

keo dán gạch, keo dán gạch cao cấp, keo dán gạch màu trắng weber

Packaging: 25 kg/bag

Color: Grey

Cementitious adhesive for COMMON tile on floor and wall

• Good adhesion
• Suitable for kinds of absorbent stones / tiles
• Suitable for floor and wall in interior areas such as living room, bedroom, ...
• Suitable to replace traditional mortar
• Low - VOCs standard

• Suitable for absorbent stone / brick from Blla group upwards up to 60x60cm of size for wall.
• For common interior areas: living room, bedroom, office, ...


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Costa Nha Trang

The Costa Nha Trang, the first 5-star luxurious hotel and apartment complex in Nha Trang City, used tile adhesives and tile grouts of Weber for all project.

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