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Innovative-high-performance-tile adhesive with water-prevention property


Cho gạch ceramic, gạch granito, đá marble, đá granite, gạch đá nhân tạo có kích thước lên đến 1x1 m, Cho bề mặt gốc xi măng, xi măng phẳng, sơn, bề mặt gạch cũ, Cho khu vực ẩm ướt bên trong nhà như phòng tắm, nhà bếp, Cho khu vực nội thất, ngoại thất, sàn, tường, văn phòng làm việc


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To know before applying

  • Powder density 1.35 g/cm3
  • Bonding strength at dry stage (EN 1348) > 1.0 N/mm2
  • Bonding strength after water immersion (EN 1348) > 1.0 N/mm2
  • Bonding strength after heat ageing (EN 1348) > 1.0 N/mm2
  • Water absorption & water uptake test : Pass
  • Note: These test results are from laboratory test.  They could be slightly different from on-site results because of the differences in applications and conditions.

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Features and benefits

  • Innovation product
  • 2 properties in one product
  • On interior existing tile
  • Suitable for bathroom and kitchen


  • Not suitable to be used externally (instead use weber.dry tex waterproofing mortar before using weber.tai flex).
  • Not suitable to be used on wood, cement-fiber board, gypsum plaster, painted surfaces (instead use weber.dry top waterproofing slurry before using weber.tai flex).
  • Not suitable to be used on metal and plastic substrates (instead use weber.color poxy as the adhesive and weber.color poxy as the grout).

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