Unique Tiling and Grouting competition in Vietnam

Derived from the desire to update new knowledge, advanced technology and benefits from the use of Tile Adhesive and Tile Grout in construction, the World's leading provider of high performance materials and building solutions - Weber (belong to Saint-Gobain Group, France) held the first "Weber Tiling & Grouting skills competition" in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh.


Expected "effective tile" of the contractor

Le The Hung, the owner of An Gia Construction Company, said: "Most of our customers prefer the use of granite, granite, porcelain ... for their house. These types of bricks have good gloss, large size, little or no water absorption ... so that the traditional oil tank construction is not as effective as before. Over time, bricks are easy to peel, crack, affect the work of our customers as well as the prestige of our contractors. "

Not only Mr. Hung, but most other contractors also have similar concerns. The change in tendency and the high aesthetic demands of using brick in construction in recent years has led to the traditional brick lining revealing limitations.

Understanding that, in order to enable contractors and bricklayers to provide the knowledge and technical knowledge of new materials - brick adhesives, Weber held the first Weber tile skills competition and scale in Vietnam.

The competition has attracted the interest of many groups of workers, representing construction contractors throughout Ho Chi Minh City. At the beginning of the competition, the atmosphere was very hot due to the enthusiasm of the teams.

At the competition, the theoretical share includes the following: Exceptional benefits of tiling with Weber products compared to conventional mortar; The Weber tiling technique is used for each key area of the project. In addition, Weber's technical and training teams share practical construction experiences.

"Theory must go hand in hand with practice," not only to be provided with knowledge, but also to take part in theoretical and practical examinations. Throughout the competition, the teams showed a harmonious combination of teamwork to complete the competition with the best results.

In the practical part, with the strict criterion of punishment: True - Beautiful - Team spirit, the team of workers has demonstrated to everyone that with the technology of tile glue can support. For the tiles to their works faster and more effective.


Outstanding results

With the spirit of competition, everyone, participating teams have won awards. The prize structure consists of one prize (15 million VND), two second prizes (6 million VND each), three third prizes (3 million VND each) and 4 prizes. worth 1.5 million). In addition, each team also received a gift of construction tools and construction instructions from the Organizing Committee.

In the joy of winning the first prize, Nguyen Thanh Phong (representative of Team 1) shared: "Before joining the competition, we were very excited. And to this day, when we actually participate in the rounds, we are even happier and happy to have won the highest rank. Me and the team members are completely convinced by the many advantages of the brick paving method with Weber brick glue. Therefore, we will certainly use Weber products for construction in future projects. "

Talking about the meaning of the ""Weber Tiling & Grouting skills competition"" was held in Vietnam for the first time, Mr. Vuong Dat Phu, Sales Mananger of Saint-Gobain Weber Company in Vietnam, said: It is a useful playground for building contractors and bricklayers, but also an opportunity for contractors and workers to share experiences in the workplace. In the future, weber will have more useful activities for contractors and flooring workers. "

Saint-Gobain, with its 350-year history of development and growth, is one of 100 Top Innovators in the Top 100 Global Innovators for five consecutive years (from 2010) by Thomson Reuters. Saint-Gobain operates in four main business areas: Building Materials, Building Materials, Building Materials Distribution and Packaging. In particular, Weber is a world leader in brick, mortar and waterproof adhesives, working in more than 58 countries around the world.

Weber has contributed to the construction, restoration and maintenance of the world famous projects such as the Castle of the Domain de Sourcy (France), Fort Vaxholms (Sweden), Locanda di works San Martino (Italy), ...
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