At Weber, we care about people and their environment


At Weber, we believe that what matters most in the construction industry is to care about people and their environment.



We care for the well-being of people whether they use our products or live
in the buildings made using our products

We care about the comfort and comfort of our customers whether they are direct users of the product or who live in buildings using our products.


Concern for human beings. We always listen and recognize the needs of customers, helping each other develop.


We are ready to face all challenges and adapt to the diversity of today's life.



We are not only interested in the present but also interested in the future. We always pioneer innovation and create a sustainable future, friendly with the environment.


We care about long term responsibility.


  • Weber

    Committed people

    People are the main asset and central focus of the Weber organisation. In their daily life, Weber people show high commitment to the company's objectives, look for excellence and contribute to the performance and development of Weber. Bringing innovation and offering higher value to our customers is only possible if Weber people are committed to listening to customers' needs and to delivering excellent service.

  • Widely shared knowledge

    Widely shared knowledge

    With some 10,000 people in more than 52 countries, Weber can tap into a very rich source of knowledge all over the world. Our wish and ability to teach and learn from each other as fast as possible helps us develop better and quicker solutions for our customers, wherever they are.

  • proximity


    The international reach of Weber complements its deep local reach in every country. Solutions are always designed locally, according to the local needs and habits. Products are manufactured at national or even regional scale, close to our customers.

  • Friendliness and consideration

    Friendliness and consideration

    The style of relation we tend to build is not a simple supplier - customer relation. We foster person-to-person relations and believe that all comments and suggestions are worth consideration.

  • Long-term and successful relationship with customers

    Long-term and successful relationship

    Beyond the quality and performance of the products, we are committed to serving our customers in a close, long-lasting, win-win relationship. We are committed to improving their working conditions, helping them to develop their own knowledge and activity.