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Low Dust Technology™ is an innovative, advanced formulation that significantly reduces airborne dust created during the pouring and mixing processes.

Low Dust Technology™ was first introduced to weberset rapid SPF almost a decade ago and more recently to weberfloor flex and weberset pro lite-rapid, without compromising the premium characteristics of the original products.

Since its introduction customers have benefitted from Saint-Gobain Weber's easy-to apply, labour saving and technically superior products enjoying a cleaner and more comfortable working environment with less post-application cleaning up and less waste. The three products also carry Weber Rewards stickers where unique codes can be registered at as part of the refreshed Weber Rewards loyalty scheme. Glossary term (model).

weberfloor flex is a high performance, fibre-modified, cement-based, self-smoothing screed used for correcting irregularities on difficult surfaces such as concrete slabs, pre-cast elements, wooden flooring and existing ceramic and rigid plastic tiles. It is also suitable for floating floors and floors with under-floor heating, and will cover flexible coverings, parquet flooring and certain floor paints and can be applied up to 50mm in just one pour. Improvements to the formula of weberfloor flex have resulted in a set-time for light foot traffic, following application, to 1-2 hours allowing fastest possible access for other trades. In June '16 weberfloor flex won the Best Internal/Interior Product at the Housebuilder Product Awards and is now shortlisted in the Product of the Year category at the Housebuilder Awards in November '16.

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