webertai 2-in-1

keo dán gạch chống thấm, keo dán gạch đá, keo dán mạch gạch weber

Packaging: 5kg/bad and 20 kg/bag

Color: Grey

Innovative-high-performance-tile adhesive with water-prevention property and ideal for tile-on-tile laying


• Excellent bonding strength

• 2-in-1 property for well tiling and well preventing water

• Specialized for wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, ...

• Laying tiles on internal existing tiles (tile-on-tile)

• Low VOCs standard


• For kinds of ceramics, granites, porcelains, marbles, and stones up to 1x1m in size.
• For shiny cement, paint and cement surfaces.
• For damp interior area.
• For exterior areas under canopy and heights up to 8m *.

(*) Contact us for further advice.


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