weberseal PU

Release date


  • Cartridge 300 ml. (25 Cartridge /box) 
  • Sausage 600 ml. (20 Sausage /box)

Color: White, Grey, black

One component Polyurethane for sealant, high elastic


  • One component, ready to use.
  • Good adhesive on many construction materials.
  • Weathering resistance, excellent aging resistance. 
  • Movements capability: ± 50% 
  • High tear resistance. 
  • Can be coated by suitable paint.


  • Sealing the joints for floor and wall. 
  • Sealing the joints between pipeline, around the door frame. 
  • Sealing the joints for façade. 
  • Sealing the joints in structure wood and steel.

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