webercolor SP

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Packaging: 19kg/drum

High quality 2-component cementitious grout for swimming pools


  • Withstands great water pressure, so it is suitable for swimming pool areas, water tanks, spas, ... including walls and floors.
  • Can use for saltwater tanks*
  • Resistant to common detergents and chloride-containing pool water.
  • High abrasion resistance and low water absorption.
  • Anti-mildew and stain-resistant.
  • Do not cause scratches to the tile surface when cleaning.
  • Suitable for grout from 1-4mm.
  • In compliance with GREENGUARDS, Low VOCs standard - safe for users’ health.

*Contact Weber for more advice.


  • Suitable for ceramic, porcelain, mosaic glass balls, ceramic mosaic, mirror mosaic, natural stone.
  • Apply interior areas with a temperature 0-70oC, especially swimming pools, water tanks, saunas,...

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