Tile adhesive & grout weberepox easy

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keo dán gạch, keo dán gạch cao cấp, keo dán gạch màu trắng weber

PACKAGING: 5kg carton, including:

Component A – Resin: 4 kg

Component B – Hardener: 1 kg

Super high-performance tile adhesive & grout


  • A 2-in-1 product for both tiling and grouting
  • Super durable with high tensile adhesion strength and elasticity, featuring the following preeminent properties:
    • Impermeable, with good water pressure resistance
    • Resistant to bacteria and chemicals, suitable for hospitals, laboratories, manufacturing plants, food factories, etc.
    • Anti-mold and anti-stain
    • Withstands temperatures from 0°C to 80°C
  • Suitable for 2-12mm wide joints
  • In compliance with LOW VOCs standard - safe for user’s health


  • In the chemical industry: Laboratory, production area, warehouse, paper mill, tannery paint
  • factory, waste treatment plant, and energy storage battery facility.
  • In the food industry: Food and beverage processing plants, livestock slaughterhouse, food storage facility, laboratory, dairy storage, and production facility.
  • In hospitals: Operating room, clinic, washing areas with shower, cleaned/sterilized kitchen area.
  • In swimming pools: Shower, toilet, public baths. Water tank, sauna, hot spring.


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Case studies

Tile Adhesives

Swimming pool -Mr.Ching Pipatvet

Glass mosaic is the material being used for tiling in this swimming pool. The owner then specially selected high performance tile adhesive that provides good bonding and resistant to chemical agents ...

Tile Adhesives

Dusit Laguna -Swimming Pool

Customer safety is an important concerning point for Dusit Laguna. The hotel carefully selected the material for tiling in their swimming pool in order to prevent the problem of broken tiles, which ...

Tile Adhesives

Magnolias Housing

Southern California style housing project using imported high quality products; this is why Magnolias has specified the products for tiling according to the areas and applications


Wat Ban Rai in Thailand

Wat Ban Rai used products for tiling and grouting on exterior walls have to be specifically designed for this application in order to prevent the injury from the falling tiles.

Tile Adhesives

Carrefour Hypermarket

Most of floorings in Carrefour are ceramic tiles. Due to the differences in areas usage, Carrefour has then specified materials for tiling according to each application.

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