webercolor no stain

Release date
Keo chà ron thái weber chính hãng - webercolor no stain new

Package: 1 kg/pack

Color: White, Grey

Anti-white staining & efflorescence resistant tile grout, for the OUTDOORS or areas subjected to HIGH HUMIDITY


  • Prevents white stains and efflorescence commonplace in coastal areas or areas subject to high humidity
  • Anti-fungus and black mold
  • Suitable for 2-6mm wide joints
  • In compliance with LOW VOCs standard - safe for user’s health


  • Specialized for granite, porcelain, marble tiles/stones and natural stone, etc.
  • Specialized for outdoor or indoor areas with high humidity that can affect the quality of the stone such as fountains, signs, toilets, etc.

*Recommended to be used in conjunction with webercolor no stain tile grout for optimal results.


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