weberdry crystallize hybrid New Product


Packaging: 5 kg/bucket, 20kg/bag

Color: Grey (cement color)


  • Average 2.5m2/5kg (bucket) 
  • Average 10.0m2/20kg (bag)

weberdry crystallize hybrid


  • The product is used to improve waterproofing in buildings, swimming pools, bathrooms, flat roofs, water tanks, drinking water tanks, basements, underground areas, lift pits and other places where the waterproofing membrane is ineffective.

Crystalline cementitious based waterproofing with hybrid technology. Deep penetration into the pores of concrete for waterproofing and increasing concrete strength within 1 day applied.

  • Easy application

  • Applicable to old concrete Increase concrete strength

  • Chemical resistance

  • Fast crystallization reaction

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