weberdry top New Product

weberdry top

Packaging: 5 kg/Set & 15 kg/Set


  • Part A (powder): Grey 
  • Part B (liquid): Milky White

2-component flexible waterproofing product weberdry top


  • Flexible, resist to micro cracking.
  • To waterproof before tiling or without tiling. 
  • Flexible and hairline cracking bridging property. 
  • Resist to hard water and chlorinated water. 
  • Ideal for human-used water tanks. 
  • Good adhesion. 
  • Easy to applied by roller. 
  • Low VOCs / Non-toxic


  • Suitable for balconies
  • For bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, swimming pools, wet areas
  • For areas subject to vibration like all items in the body of building or high vibration surfaces such as gypsum, fiber cement boards, special surfaces such as lightweight brick walls
  • Ideal for human-used water tanks

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