weberdry seal

Release date

Packaging: 1 kg, 4 kg and 20 kg/drum

Color: White, Grey

Ready-to-use SUPER FLEXIBLE acrylic waterproof membrane weberdry seal


  • Highly flexible
  • Cover cracks
  • Good adhesion on many material surfaces
  • Waterproofing for terrace, rooftops and external walls
  • Resists the growth of mold, moss
  • UV resistance, heat reflection
  • Low VOCs


  • For walls, bathroom areas, kitchens, balconies, specially in the elevated position of high-rise buildings when subjected to vibration
  • For concrete or surface surfaces with high vibrations such as gypsum, fiber cement sheets
  • Waterproofing for roof areas, outer walls, surfaces finishes
  • Exterior paint reflecting light


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iDYLLIC Concept Resort - Thailand

Products used for waterproofing of this project have to be specifically designed for this application in order to prevent the injury from the water leakage.

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