Weber Project Segment

Comprehensive tiling and waterproofing solutions for construction projects. A world-leading brand specializing in tile adhesive, grout, and waterproofing solutions.

Tile Adhesive

weber a300

Tile adhesive webertai A300

Basic tile/stone glue 

Tile adhesive webertai A500

Better tile/stone glue

webertai a600

Tile adhesive webertai A600

High quality tile/stone adhesive

webertai a800

Tile adhesive webertai A800

Specialized tile/stone adhesive

webertai 1000

Tile adhesive webertai A1000

Super Premium Tile/ Stone adhesive

Tile adhesive & grout weberepox easy

Super high-performance tile adhesive & grout

Tile adhesive webertai no stain


Tile Grout

keo chà ron webercolor classic

webercolor classic

Tile grout for COMMON areas and tiles

keo chà ron webercolor power

webercolor power

PROTECTION tile grout

weberepox easy

Super high-performance tile adhesive & grout

webercolor slim

webercolor mosaic


webercolor no stain

Anti-white staining & efflorescence resistant tile grout, for the OUTDOORS or areas subjected to HIGH HUMIDITY

webercolor outside

Tile grout of HIGH ELASTICITY, able to withstand HEAVY WEIGHT, ideal for external applications

webercolor SP

High quality 2-component cementitious grout for swimming pools

webercolor HR

Two-component cementitious tile specialized for SWIMMING POOLS

Waterproofing Product

weberproof HDPE

weberproof TPO

webershield 146

2-component Epoxy PROTECTIVE coatings webershield 146

webershield 320

weberdry 2Kflex

2-component FLEXIBLE cementitious water-proofing product Weberdry 2Kflex

weberdry top

2-component flexible waterproofing product Weberdry Top

weberdry seal

Ready-to-use SUPER FLEXIBLE acrylic waterproof membrane weberdry seal

weberdry seal pro

weberdry PU

weberdry PU pro

weberdry PUD coat

High performance Polyurethane dispersion waterproofing membrane Weberdry PUD Coat

Other Product

weberbase levelling plaster

Cement mortar specialized flattening the surface weberbase levelling plaster

weberad latex

Additives support waterproofing and bonding agents

webertape BE 14

webertec grout 40+

Cementitious shrinkage compensate grout with compressive strength >40 Mpa

webertec grout 60+

Cementitious shrinkage compensate grout with compressive strength >60 Mpa

weberseal PU

One component Polyurethane for sealant, high elastic